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Since 2011 J.C. HERMAN has been producing series
of unique tableware for restaurants.

All our work is dishwasher- and ovenproof.
Of course it is more fragile than hotel-porcelain,
but it can handle rough treatment - especially if we make it a bit thicker.

After consultation with the potter we can combine almost
any shape and colour to a unique and personal style.
Because every item is handmade, small editions
(or even single items) are no problem at all.
A higher rim, a hole in the middle of a plate;
there are many possibilities.

Ask here for a indication of prices and delivery periods.
And do not hesitate to contact us if you are intersted
in a cooperation.

Once year we have a special VENTE PRIVÉE
focussed on tableware for Restaurants.

If you would like to receive the invitations for those
festive sales-moments, please register here.
You will automatically be updated about this
restaurant-edition of our VENTE PRIVÉE.

See the menu under clients to get more example pictures.