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J.C. HERMAN designs, produces and sells ceramics.
All products are handmade on the potter's wheel, hence unique.
And round, per definition.

In our ceramics you will recognize influences of classical Asian shapes and contemporary Nordic design.
All our ceramics are dishwasher- and ovenproof.
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J.C. HERMAN has two labels:

J.C. HERMAN Manufacture is producing all the tableware,
that is sold online on this website.
Besides, J.C. HERMAN Manufacture is being sold
at different shops around Europe.

+ J.C. HERMAN Ceramics only produces one-of-kind pieces
like vases, bowls and lamps.
Those are sold at a regular VENTE PRIVÉE
that is: a direct sales in our studio.

Below is a video that the news channel RTL-Z made in 2017.
It shows very nicely the entire manufacturing process.
(in Dutch, but also visually interesting)