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In 2018 we studied in Japan, Korea and China for six months.
In addition to visiting an endless amount of museums, we have learned how to work with porcelain.

From September 2019 we will offer a porcelain tea set on this site.
The decoration, if any, can be adjusted to your own design.
We always make porcelain only to order.
this series is made for Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegen
on the lower shelves the freshly thrown porcelain
when the foot is finished, the porcelain dries upside down
ready! the blue dot is cobalt oxide
as soon as there are more series, you will find the images here
Since 2019, J.C. HERMAN Manufacture now also offers porcelain wheelthrown on the potter's wheel.
This is special because this clay, that turns white, hard and translucent after firing, is difficult to process.

Porcelain is usually slibcasted (using moulds). But we don't do that; we only work on the wheel.
After 8 years of full-time practice and a number of master classes in China, we were finally able to master the technology.

Porcelain is a lot more expensive than the stoneware clay that we have worked with up to now.
But it is also much finer, more elegant and more exclusive:
as far as we know, nobody in the Netherlands offers this service so far.

Contact us if you are interested in prices and options.
Or look here for HOTEL ROYALE, a tea service based on hotel porcelain. But chic in this case.