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J.C. HERMAN produces ceramics on demand.
In the past years we have made so many things!
From replica's of 19th century chimneys
to a chalice and plates for a carnival association
in the South of the Netherlands.

Also for restaurants we produce small (1-10 copies)
to bigger (<100 ex.) series of tableware, on demand.

A selection of works, that have been sold over the last years,
and will give an impression of what to expect,
you will find in a PDF, downloadable with this link.

Orders can be discussed on appointment.
Also, please have a look here for information about our porcelain.

Please contact us to make an appointment.

See below for some examples we have made for a variety of customers.
terracotta chimneys
tea storage pots
carnival props
yellow breakfast tableware
black vase for an exhibition
candleholder top and little vase
plates for the amsterdam museum
pot for a plant
bowl with ceramic fruits
breadbowls with wooden lid
green vase
complete series amsterdamware
collection of black ceramics in matching cupboard
very small plant pots :)