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Several times per year we organize the VENTE PRIVÉE,
during a long weekend,
where we sell our one-of pieces straight from the studio.

Examples of this type of work you can see below.
Those are exclusive works, ioften with elaborate decoration
or unexpected glazing effects.
All those works are recognizable by the stamp of J.C. HERMAN Ceramics.

sales in the studio
of one-of pieces
... festive ...
often with elaborate decoration
The VENTE PRIVÉE is also the perfect moment to have a look hòw
pots and the like are being produced, to talk to collectors,
to meet the potter or discuss personal commands.

Once a year we have a VENTE PRIVÉE focussed on restaurants.
This is the moment to come, see and discuss the latest tableware creations,
but also it is the perfect setting to meet your collegues.

A selection of works, that have been sold over the last years,
but will give an impression of what to expect at such a VENTE PRIVÉE,
you will find in a PDF, downloadable with this link.

For the VENTE PRIVÉE you will need an invitation.
Please register here to receive one.

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